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Pond, Deck, and Grandkids

Swamp Lacrimose before

here come big rocks and stuff


a hole is born

making a hiding place for fish

the rubber liner keeps the water in

took a week to fill

Buck couldn't resist

20 feeder goldfish tested the waters

to be replaced with 5 koi that Buddy is very interested in

A tiny sailboat cruises Lake Lacrimose

The waterfall is the coolest. Note spring box in background.

Robert Hollen and helper

new windows getting blended in

Good friend Bonnie

Don and Sheila visited

Once a window, soon a door

and presto

a deck to step out onto

beautiful dumpster isn't it?

Deck growing across the west side

first cocktails on the deck that same day

no comfortable way to screw down boards

Lucy and Buck enjoying the sunset

the kitchen door begins to appear

and it's there, along with decking to walk out on, just about done now

and let there be stairs

Grandkids at the Sea Lion Caves, gusting 50 MPH

Kieth and Bonnie on the big tree

Kiki up the big tree

that was some big shark, dude

checking out affordable Oregon beachfront real estate

Brave horse riders


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