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Welcome Aboard SailingLinks

If you're looking for a quick, easy directory for over 1600 links to sailing related resources on the net, you found it.  I have attempted to organize the links to sailing sites into useful categories, something that was rare when I started the site in 1999.  The newest reorganization puts the links into large umbrella categories, hopefully making it less confusing to the first time visitor. Get a link added to a sailing related site by clicking here.

The banner pic was taken from the Rarotonga YC

bulletGeneral Info- all the categories of links someone might want if interested in sailing, new salt or old salt.
bulletRent, Buy, Build- links for those who want to go sailing and need a sailboat to charter or purchase (or build).
bulletGear; Fitting Out - links for those who are looking for any kind of sailing gear or nautical products.
bulletCruising Resources- links for those who are getting ready to go, or are already out cruising.
bulletRacing Links- *New Page* resources and info for Racing Skippers or Crew
bullets/y Arabella- for those who want to know what we're up to, and web site business.
bulletSite Map- if you want to see the whole site and go anywhere instantly.


We have been on an extended cruise on our Swift 40 Arabella- enjoying Mexico for several seasons since 2003, and the South Pacific for the last couple of years.  We sold her March 31, 2010, in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, where she is preparing to take her new owners on many more adventures, we hope.  We're now enjoying sailing our Capri 25 in Yaquina Bay, (Newport OR), and working on our new "big boat", a C & C 37 named Mahalo.  See the bottom of this page for specific examples of all the sailing info in this site.

Arabella off Tenecatita 2005

grinner's new kite

Our new-to-us Capri 25, now called Grinner, having fun in Newport, OR on a Wet Wednesday 2011

Trip Picture Page

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Since reorganizing this site and consolidating the sailing links into umbrella categories I've noticed we've almost dropped off the search engine map in the sailing category, so I'm going to mention some of the various sailing related links you can find inside SailingLinks.  There are links to sailing schools and sailing charter companies all over the world, sailing books, sailing magazines, sailing gear, sailing clothes, sails and sail makers, sailing glossaries containing all the sailing terms from the past and present, sailing recipes, other sailing directories, sailing index sitessailing jewelry, sailing news about sailboat races, sailing forums, sailing instruction, sailboat manufacturers, sailboat brokers, sailing stories, sailing pictures galore, sailing logs and blogs, weather for sailors, medical kits for cruising sailors, sailing chandleries, yacht clubs around the world, delivery captains who will deliver your sailboat anywhere, how to build a sailboat, web cams showing great sailing spots, and the personal sailing adventures of the webcaptain and Ladysailor as they sail their sailboat into the sunset.  That's just a few examples of the sailing stuff in this here sailing web site, and I hope you really enjoy digging into this cruising guide to the ocean of sailing information on the world wide web.  Please remember to bookmark this sailing site so you can sail back here anytime.  If you see the sailing vessel Arabella sailing around out there, please say hello and come aboard for a cold one.  Please tell the companies that you find here that you saw them on SailingLinks. 

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