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After Escaping the Hospital- Sydney at Last!

Birds outside Barbie's Room near the hospital

Out! Aboard the Rivercat ready to head downriver to downtown Sydney.


Passing the cat going upriver

Pretty fancy historical-type digs, eh?

First glimpse of Syd skyline

Pretty cool pad, I thought

First glimpse of The Coathanger

There's downtown for ya

Even a Hunter can look good sometimes

People pay almost $200 ea to walk across the top of the bridge, go figure

The obligatory Opera House Pic

Approaching Ferryland- our hotel turned out to be next to the round building to the right, on George St, 3 blocks from the Quay.

The view from the 19th floor of our hotel

don't look down!

Enjoying a glass of sunset Shiraz

still looking a bit peaked, but blissed out inside

On the tourist bus tour

Hyde park to the left, something or other cathedral straight ahead....

Backside Opera House

One last view of the "Coathanger"

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