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Rarotonga and Niue Pics

The pretty little island in the graphic above was photographed from the Rarotonga Sailing Club.  Too bad the water is only deep enough for windsurfers!

Med tied in Rarotonga

The walk to downtown

Out with Kiwi friends

Bus trip around the island

Rarotonga Sailing Club deck

A club boat

Passage to Niue

Whew, made it

View of Niue

Arabella out there on her mooring

Dinghy dock

lifting a dinghy out


Barbeque night at NYC

The guy in charge

Matavai Resort, Niue

Happy hour on the deck

First time we'd seen blue whitewater

Entertainment after dinner

The Washaway, only open on Sunday

view from the washaway

Ozzie friends Alan and Greg demo famous Washaway burgers

The road around Niue

very cool spot

Pigs for all occasions

da boat cave

da boat

cave detail

the jungle part of the walk to the oasis

almost to the oasis, cool lava, eh?

The Oasis

how you get down (and back up)

End of a great Niue day

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