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Hawaii and Wedding Pics

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Hail, hail, time to go to Hawaii!

Waikiki from behind (view from Mary and Barb's 14th floor condo)

Holy building, Batman!

North Shore. Surfs up, bra.

Waiamea Bay wuz rockin.

average size for the day...there were some big ones we were too amazed to shoot.

Paul Allen, Microsoft founder, has a fair sized yot, no? Too big to get in one shot from on top Aloha Tower.

Barbie like these bill dings

Yep, that's my dad on the wall at the Maritime Museum, kewl, huh?

Yep, that's him again.

Finally found the Hound. Showing her age (71yrs) a little.

Stern remeniscent of a duck's behind

Visualize a bowsprit

Gary Brookins is going to restore (rebuild) "the Hound"

Mary and Barb with Barb

A pre-wedding float with Dave at Lucy's hotel on Maui

The Wailua Marriot does have a nice "Serenity Pool"

Saying vows

New bride looking beautiful on the beach

Happy husband and wife

Auntie Deb and the bride

Cake Time

survivors on the beach

Sketchy offloading proceedure?

Happy dad with Lucy

one last dip- Spring was there!

view out Lucy and Dave's window at the Marriot

coolest Tiki Bar I've ever seen, Keehi Bay, Honolulu

Great food there, too.


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