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Some Old Pre-Cruising Pix

(Click on 'em to get the bigger picture)

A momento of the 2 weeks at Avalon getting the Captain's License

   Ex-First Mate Priscilla's wooden boat project

  Ladysailor gets foulies for Christmas awhile back

  Kook Katy from the crew of the v/v (virtual vessel Pau)

Out sailing off Ventura when Oracle flew by

Some pics of Strider, my old Ranger 23

The crew of HMFWIC gets their trophy (2nd place Cruising NS) at Ensenada.  The Webcaptain and Ladysailor got together...

santana20 underwater a lost santana 20 is found under the bay

Rhodes 33 My Dad's Rhodes 33 in Newport late 40's.

drawing of temp halyard a crazy idea for a temporary spinnaker halyard...

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