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SSB and Ham Radio Links

Finally got my old Kenwood TS 440S working (it only took 2 years), and now I´m going to have to get my ham license, I guess.  Too many people you can´t talk to unless you have it, apparently.  These are some links I´m just starting to collect.  This page will grow!


Maritime Moble Service Network- sailors and cruisers links and information.  Has a complete list of Ham maritime nets, times and frequencies Baja California Maritime Net- The Baja Net is one of the boaters’ favorite nets on the West Coast.  It has a long history of handling traffic for mariners who are out of touch with friends and family. Several  stations have phone patches enabling them to put you right on the line to talk to your loved ones.
Pactor site- the SSB modem that lets you send and recieve e-mail on your boat Ham test help from
Icom site- has lots of good info about marine SSB as well as their fine products.  This seems to be the most popular brand used out here. AA9PW  FCC Amateur Radio Practice Pages - This site is intended to provide practice for the US Amateur Radio examinations required to obtain a US Amateur Radio licence
ARRL the National Association for Amateur Radio- Licensing info, exam sites, news, all sorts of info... FCC Amateur Radio Service site- straight from the horse´s mouth, so to speak
Quick easy way to learn Morse Code A free morse code class on CD, (download and burn)
Learning the code without a pencil Dockside has all the Mexican nets, times and frequencies -online forum, articles, and lots of helpful info  

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