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Galley and Provisioning

This page needs work, I know, but check out the new Recipe section for lots of recipes from the South Pacific; Mexican and Japanese (sushi, etc.) and seafood recipes, along with some fun stuff like cooking crocodile and roo.



bulletWalton Feed- sounds like a place to buy dog chow, but they are very much into dehydrated foods, sprouting grains, organic foods, and such stuff as might appeal to a survivalist or (long term cruiser)!
bullet Provisioning- an entertaining and informative article from
bulletHealthy Recipes- Paul's Low Cost, Healthy, Low Carb, No Refrigeration Required Menu Plan, from
bulletCorn and Beans, the wonder food- an article by Kurt Saxon.  YouŽll start laughing when you start reading this, but by the end youŽll be sold.  Cheap stuff you can survive on in style is what itŽs all about.
bulletSushi and sashimi- always a good way to enjoy your fresh caught fish
bulletSome great fish recipes- for salmon and halibut, but will work for other fish as well.  Good ceveche one.

THE INTERNET GROCER-A new online provider of canned and dried provisions- Good Food!


Lots and Lots of recipes from the Virtual Voyage of the Pau Island (South Pacific and Caribbean) and Mexican recipes

bullet Boat Drink (RUM) recipes- from the usual suspects
bulletThe General Store @ 37 degrees South- provisioning and fulfilling all the requirements of superyachts visiting New Zealand

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