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Charts, Cruising Guides

bullet CaptainWiki- a free for all, self building and editing, really cool non-commercial resource for cruising worldwide.  Check it out, add info you know, share info from others.  "Webcaptain Endorsed"
bullet Cruising Connections carries a large stock of new and used marine paper navigation charts and courtesy flags - Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean - ALL regions of the world. Vintage BA charts also available 
bulletCruising the Sea of Cortez- a great guide to the Baja area.
bulletSailor's Choice Harbors Ports and Havens- a great guide to harbors in Southern California from Santa Barbara to Ensenada, Mexico.  I was going to do this, and this is exactly how I was going to do it...
bulletTrailor Sailor Videos- video guide to trailor sailing the Pacific Northwest, more areas in the works- why didn't I think of this idea?
bulletWatermark Home Page- "Home of the most comprehensive and in-depth cruising guides to the waters of the Southeastern USA"
bulletBluewater Books- Sell cruising guides to just about everywhere you want to go in the Western hemisphere..
bulletSalty Seas Bookshop- an online source for cruising guides to lots and lots 'o places

Fine Edge-the West Coast's leading nautical publisher, researches and publishes the best-selling series of Pacific Coast nautical guides, GPS navigation and waypoint books, and adventure sea stories.

bulletCruising the Canals of France- want to try something uh, different?
bulletWindow on Cyprus- while not exactly a cruising guide, there is lots of info here for anyone planning to visit this beautiful place...
bulletCruising Guides Publications- a beautiful web site!  "Cruising Guide Publications is a special interest publisher of yachting guides to cruising in various areas of the world. We also publish books of nautical interest, including companion titles to our guides designed to enhance the cruising experience. "
bulletPilot Charts online for the entire world
bullet DestinationCowes- all the resources available, from sailmakers to restaurants
bulletAmerican Nautical Services- Charts, books,etc.
bulletAruba 411- motels, car rentals, accomodations, anything you wanted to know about Aruba
bullet Cruise Notes on Central America, Panama western Caribbean, from the logs of Siesta
bulletNavQuest- charts and such online
bulletNorwegian Cruising Guidecoasts of Norway, Svalbard (Spitsbergen), Bj?n?a (Bear Island) and the SW coast of Sweden.
bulletBay of Islands- great site with everything from sailing charters and schools to restaurants and hotels in this beautiful part of New Zealand
bulletIsland Hopping- a guide to parts of the Caribbean with charts and lots 'o info.
bulletWorld Cruising Guides- an interactive site with shared knowledge
bulletNorwegian Cruising Guide "the gateway to explore UK harbours online."  A very cool and useful site.

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