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Owners Groups

I haven?t had time to keep this page up too well, but there is a site that is doing a great job of it, so I have to suggest you may want to go to the Good Old Boat Owners List and if it isn?t there, it probably doesn?t exist!


bulletAllmand Owner's Group
bulletPaceship Website-a site that offers information including specifications and photos of the Paceship Yacht sailboats including all known Paceship and AMF/Paceship boats as well as general sailing information
Yachting (Goman) owners home page
bulletAllied Boat Owners
bulletBristol Owners Association
bulletColumbia Yachts Owners


bulletCheoy Lee Unofficial information Site
bulletUnofficial Hunter's Owner's page
bulletColumbia 26 Mk2 Page-
bulletEndeavour Owners Forum
bulletHans Christian Owners Association
bulletLegend Owners Association
bulletMorgan Owners Group
bulletOffshore Yachts Class Owners' Association
bulletPearson 28 & Atomic Four owners information
bulletTartan Owners of New England
bulletValiant Owner Group
bulletWestsail Owners Association
bulletWest Wight Potter
bulletRhodes Reliant and Offshore 40 Network
bulletCal Yachts- from the old Cal 40 on...
bulletSigma 33 Class Association
bulletThe Seal Sailing Association- a British site featuring Seal and Parker lift keel sailboats and their owner's activities.
bulletO'Day Javelin Owners- and O'Day owners in general


bulletThe Erasmus- a beautiful site, lovingly devoted to the charms of Folkboats

"Folkboats are perfect for San Francisco Bay.They are beamy, heavy and stable, and carry full sail until the wind is blowing monkeys out of trees."

Dieter Loibner

bulletThe Islander Sailboat Page- a very fine site for owners of all sizes and types of Islanders ever made.   Lots of those fine old boats still around!
bulletThunderbird Class
bulletWharram Catamaran Owners (PCA) club- from the UK
bulletBanjer 37 Motorsailor Club-"aiming to reach and join all Motorsailer Banjer 37 owners throughout the world."
bulletJenneau Owners Network Site- "is a not-for-profit and has been established by Jeanneau Owners
for Jeanneau Owners."
bulletColumbia 50 Cruising Club- "of interest to all Columbia 50 owners"
bulletSaga Owners Group- SagaOwners is dedicated to sharing information on Saga sailboats and creating a community for their owners.
bulletThe O'Day Javelin Project-This is an O'Day Javelin restoration, with full links to any Javelin and O'Day related pages
bulletInternational Contender's Association
bulletVertue Owners-"These modest little boats, touched by greatness, which epitomise all one could ever ask for in a cruising yacht."
bulletHurley Owners Association
bulletSunfish forum
bulletJ 40 Sailors Web Page
bulletRanger Owner?s- did?t work when I tried it, but may by now...
bulletSiren Owner?s Subgroup-The Pocket Cruiser's Harbor: a sailing chat group supporting
microcruisers; friendly international membership. Free to join, GREAT
links! Hey, come visit!
bulletMirror Dinghy Sailing- these things look like sabots on steroids, what a blast!
bulletSan Francisco Folkboats Association
bulletSiedelmann Owners Group
bulletThe British Sharpie Owners Association -"The Twelve Square Metre Sharpie was designed in 1931 by the Kroger brothers. The sharpie is Gaff rigged with a crew of two. the sail area started as 12 square metres, but is now actually closer to 16 square metres. Active Fleet racing takes place in the UK, Germany, Holland, and Portugal, with the European championships rotated between these four countries."
bulletHarpoon Sailing Dingies- a page about these fine old boats built by Boston Whaler (mainly the 5.2)
bulletRoxane and Romilly- Traditional lug-sailed yawls built with modern materials- very cool boats


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