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Third Season Pix

Start of a new season cruising Mexico, more on the left margin:

Dinner at Fajita Republic

Empty Chair next to Dale and Jane was occupied by Larry

Sparky holding Larry

Larry was veeery "tired"

Thanksgiving Buffet at Paradise Village

Much of it looked too good to eat!

More food art

The lox was fantastic BTW

Dr. Jorge Ruiz

Treating our friend Jan and now Sparky, he has become a friend and invited us to his home for some homegrown birria. He´s dressed for the birthday party for his son in law, wearing his grandfathers 65 year old Stetson Nutria hat

Jorge´s house

a simple but very nice dwelling on about 3 acres

The livingroom

The way the climate is here, most of life is easily spent outside...

Jorge´s horse

about 2 years old, sweet but wild still

"You like birria?"

This goat will probably be on the table one of these days

Macho Turkey

doesn´t know he´ll be on the menu come Christmas,

Sailing Class

Local kids learning to sail taught by our friend, a cute little French woman named Z.

First Sushi

The webcaptain has always wanted to learn how to do this, taught himself from the web and this was the first batch, He´s a sushi makin´machine now!

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