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Progress has been made!

house and more 035.JPG (1656809 bytes)entering the apartment house and more 036.JPG (1617014 bytes) view towards stairs, new bathroom is to the right, past the fridge house and more 037.JPG (1476768 bytes) showing new kitchen, new windows, etc. house and more 038.JPG (1549276 bytes) bathroom behind this wall, door leads to bedroom, shop is down the hallway house and more 039.JPG (1384206 bytes) new bedroom is now all mudded, painted, and homey looking
house and more 040.JPG (1487488 bytes) bathroom cozy but big enough- like a head! house and more 041.JPG (1518521 bytes) the rest of the bathroom- hey it works fine. house and more 042.JPG (1510919 bytes) view back towards the galley from in front of the head and bedroom door.   Note the cool recessed lighting and fancy microwave stand.